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Messages for encouragement from the player to all of you who suffered by East Japan great earthquake disaster.

Japanese Players Overseas Players
Kenichi Tago Lee Chong Wei
Shintaro Ikeda Taufik Hidayat
Noriyasu Hirata Peter Gade
Hirokatsu Hashimoto  
Hirokatsu Hashimoto  
Eriko Hirose  
Satoko Suetsuna  
Miyuki Maeda  

***Kenichi Tago***

Kenichi Tago
I express my deepest and condolences to the victims of the great disaster and pray for all of them.
In this serious situation, I will think and act to do my best to encourage the people through badminton.

***Shintaro Ikeda***

Shintaro Ikeda

I would like to send my heartfelt sympathy to everyone in the stricken areas.
Let's get over this situation together with the same feeling.
I will do my best and play hard, so that I can be your support.

"Whenever I do my best, it's now."

***Noriyasu Hirata***

Noriyasu Hirata

I would like to express my sincere condolences for those who lost their lives in the disaster, and also send my sympathy for disaster regions.
It must take a long time for reconstruction.However I will never forget this disaster, and find myself what I can do to cooperate for the reconstruction as an athlete.

***Hirokatsu Hashimoto***

Hirokatsu Hashimoto

I offer my deepest condolences to all the victims of the earthquake disaster.

I knew the sudden massive earthquake on the news in U.K. during my expedition. No one have ever seen such a big disaster, and my heart overflowed with uneasiness and fear.

My heart is still painful with deep sorrow that I cannot express by words.

I play badminton, but want to try hard what I can do as an athlete.
Let's do our best together.

***Reiko Shiota***

Reiko Shiota

One month has passed from an earthquake disaster, but I guess everyone must be spending an uneasy day.

What I think now is that without forgetting this great earthquake disaster that attacked Japan, I have to carry on what I can do myself.

Let's do our best so that Japan gets well early, helping each other making our minds together.

***Eriko Hirose***

Eriko Hirose

I experienced the great Hanshin earthquake when I was a child.
It is not easy to say "let's try hard". However I wish everything is heading forward, and things getting better day by day.

I will do my best what I can do myself.

Let's get over this with all Japanese minds together.

***Satoko Suetsuna***

Satoko Suetsuna

I offer my best sympathy to everyone in the stricken areas.
Now, it is a painful situation for Japan, but therefore the whole Japanese is helping each other cooperatively.

I believe everyone's cooperation would be a big help for the revival.

Though it is a small thing, I will do my best to send energy and encourage the people in the disaster regions through playing badminton.

Please do not give up hope, and help and assist each other.
Let's get over it together.

***Miyuki Maeda***

Miyuki Maeda

I offer my best sympathy to everyone in the stricken areas.

The whole Japan, the whole world is sending sympathy about this earthquake disaster, and thinking various things about it.

I asked myself what I can do, and recognized that it is encouraging people through playing badminton.

I found out that it is special to spend times without any inconvenience.
I want to do my best without forgetting the feeling of thanks in every situation.

Japan is a wonderful country.
Without doubt, the country will revive and become splendid more than before.
Each one of us have the power to go over this situation.
Let's believe together, and fight together.

Messages from a world popular players.

***Lee Chong Wei***

Lee Chong Wei

The world will continue to support you, Japan, in physical or in spiritual. God bless you, Japan!

***Taufik Hidayat***

Taufik Hidayat

My heart goes out to the people of Japan. However, let's not become weak after this tragedy, instead seek in each other the courage and strength to move forward and overcome all of this.
Each difficult moment when face with unity and courage will open our eyes and our hearts.
Be strong, be united and move forward.
For those are the 3 characters that I've come to known and respect of Japan through out the years.

***Peter Gade***

Peter Gade
Please send my best wishes and thoughts to everyone hurt by recent events in Japan.
I love your country and to see nature take this course against innocent people is very frightening.
I wish and hope that most japanese will get back to normal life as soon as possible.


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