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September 25, Final round

Today, 25th September, 2011 is the final day of Yonex Open Japan 2011 held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.
Final Day has started at 1200 (JST) per scheduled from Women’s Doubles
The atmosphere within the gymnasium has been totally changed from yesterday’s one thanks to the court arrangement into one TV court set up. This kind of arrangement is appropriate and perfect for the final matches. All the spectators’ eyes are only on the court and listening to sounds of feathers hit free to the sky and foot steps on the floor.


LEE Chong Wei(MAS, BWF world ranking 1) VS CHEN Long(CHN, BWF world ranking 4)

Head to Head
4 - 1

Chen Long defeated world number one Lee Chong Wei at 21-8, 10-21, and 21-19.
The first game opened up with Chen Long of China, 22, accelerating the game and leading ahead to 11-7 as defending champion Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia made several unforced errors before the interval. After the interval, Chen Long who received a free ticket to the men's final from the Beijing Olympic champion Lin Dan, dominated the game with impressive combination of smashes and drop-shots to gain 10 consecutive points and finished the first game 21-8.
In the second game, world number one Lee Chong Wei, who will celebrate his 29th birthday next month, showed his real class by speeding up the game with cross-court smashes and drop-shots to take 8 consecutive points surging ahead to 12-4. Lee continued to lead and dominate the second game, and as Chen made several errors at the end, the Malaysian finished the game 21-10.
The final game went very close. Chen who took the advantage of having one day rest to gain his stamina closed it 21-19 in total duration of 72 minutes.
"I had no pressure, and I am the younger side, those gave me a huge benefit against Lee today as I have nothing to lose", said Chen. "This is only the start, I still have a good future ahead of me. As for today’s game, I just wanted to avoid making mistake and keeping the game in balance, I think that was the key for defeating Lee today".

As also mentioned by Lee, this is the second defeat for him against the world number four. However, he won three games out of the last four. "Of course I am disappointed, but I think I played well today", Lee said. "I should have done better in the first game. Generally I can accept this defeat as my stamina is not as good as before due to a long break and not having enough training prior to this competition. To bring back my stamina, I will join the France series and do more training. And next year I will be back in Japan for the same tournament".
It was quite obvious for Chen that his ability to handle pressure during the game, stamina level were extremely important.


WANG Yihan(CHN, BWF world ranking 1) VS Juliane SCHENK(GER, BWF world ranking 8)

Head to Head
3 - 1

World ranked No. 1 Wang Yihan from China encountered world ranked No. 8 Juliane Schenk from Germany in the Women’s Single at the 30th Yonex Open Japan in Tokyo on 25th September 2011.

Both players are entitled to be the best favorite in this tournament and deserve the champion title today. Both players head to head were 3-1 in favor of Wang Yihan prior today’s match.

23 years old Wang is the champion of 2008 & 2009 YOJ, 2009 All England, 2010 Denmark Open, French Open, 2011 Korea Open, Indonesia Open, and Badminton World Championship tournaments.

29 years old Schenk is 2009 Badminton World Championship best 8, 2010 Dutch Open Champion, Hongkong Open best 3, 2011 All England best 8, and Badminton World Championship best 3.

Wang won the first game. Many of the points including the consecutive ones were made with her powerful and accurate smashes. Schenk was tactically using her deadly drop shots but have to give up with 21-16 for Wang who lead the whole game.

Once Wang got a better understanding on Schenk’s play style, she was able to lead the whole second game and to finish it with 21-14, not by performing a lot of smashes, but by making many good tactical courses.

It was really a good play, where both players could show their best in front of 4,200 audiences.

At the interview, Schenks said that she is satisfied and although as a runner up she misses something as a consequence for improvement, today’s tournament is perfect. She added that Wang performed a consistent, perfect, and powerful play, almost with no error, giving her hard times, especially for the long rallies.

Over the question on Germany’s players, Schenk replied, “German team is currently progressing a lot in these days and I want to contribute myself in this trend as a member of the team to promote badminton in my country.”

The winner Wang was happy to be able to demonstrate a good play for the YOJ audiences. Over the question on next target, she replied that off course it includes 2012 London Olympic, but the most important thing for her is to how to maintain her best performance for each incoming tournaments.

At the press conference after gold medal presentation, Wang expressed that I was very much delighted to have won 3rd time in Tokyo. I think we had a good fight and could show our best play in front of all spectators in Japan. In the course of the match, I have gone through several difficult times and also I was a little bit worn out when I had along rallies. But in some occasions I was saved by opponent’s easy mistakes and unforced errors. That is why in over all it was good game.

Schenk is and will be a dangerous opponent for Chinese singles players now and in the future.


CAI Yun & FU Haifeng(CHN, BWF world ranking 1) VS Mohammad AHSAN & Bona SEPTANO(INA, BWF world ranking 6)

Head to Head
3 - 0

World number one Cay Yun and Fu Heifeng of China met world number four Mohamamad Ahsan and Bona Septano of Indonesia in the Men’s Doubles Final at the 30th Yonex Open Japan in Tokyo on 25th September 2011.

Fu, 27, and Cay, 31, are the champion of 2005 and 2009 All England, 2006, 2009~2011 World Badminton Championship, 2010 Yonex Open Japan and 2011 Indonesia Open tournaments, as well as the runner up of 2008 Beijing Olympic.

Ahsan, 24, and Septano, 23, are the runner up of 2008 Yonex Open Japan and were at the third position in 2011 Malaysia Open, Indonesia Open, and Badminton World Championship tournaments prior to this tournament.

Both pairs head to head was 3-0 in favor of China’s pair prior to today’s match.

At the first game, the Indonesian pair performed a lot of consecutives deadly smashes that give their opponent hard time. However China’s duo won the first game with 21-13, mostly due to too many receiving errors of Indonesian pair such as inaccurate placements of the shuttle, in which12 times of their returns were out.

Similarly, in the second game Indonesian team also made many errors such as returns that stuck on the net. Indonesian team was able to lead the point achievement several times, but China’s team got more consecutive points through their smashes. The game was ended with 23-21 for the Chinese’s victory.

“We did our best today”, Ahsan and Septano said. “We should have done better in the first game, we gave them too much room for offense,” Ahsan said. We changed our strategy in the second game by taking initiative to attack from the beginning and it worked,” Septano added. Bona had a minor problem on his waist but he mentioned that it was really not affecting the game.

Compared to their performance in 2008, the Indonesian pairs have actually improved a lot as their rank significantly increased this year.

“We could win this time as per our expectation before the match. We are always thinking that we would win each game and we made it finally,” said the Chinese pair. “We could display our style of badminton which is that we offense anytime when there is a chance to win the rallies and rush into the net for killing shots. We would like to thank you for Japanese fans who supported us very much,” they added.


CHENG Wen Hsing & CHIEN Yu Chin(TPE, BWF world ranking 5) VS BAO Yixin & ZHONG Qianxin(CHN, BWF world ranking 90)

Head to Head
0 - 0

The Women’s Doubles Final between Bao Yixin & Zhong Qianxin of China against Cheng Wen Hsing & Chen Yu Chin of Chinese Chinese Taipei opened the today’s tournament at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. There were not many offensive moves shown by both pairs earlier in the game. Due to several faults by the Chinese Taipei pair, Bao/Zhong led the game 4-2. However, as the game started to speed up, the Chinese Taipei pair caught up to lead 11-10 right before the interval.
By showing a beautifully concerted teamwork, the Chinese Taipei pair continued to lead by striking some smashes and drives, overwhelming their opponent. When the score was 14-13 for the Chinese Taipei pair, Bao/Zhong several faults as they failed to return the shuttlecock causing Cheng/Chen easily took 7 consecutive points and ended the first game 21-13.

The second game began with smashes and attacks show from both pairs throughout the game. Cheng/Chen led most of the time showing a very good control of the shuttlecock. Although the Chinese pair played in a consistent performance, Cheng`s good placement and Chen`s powerful smash brought the Chinese Taipei to lead 11-9 until the interval. After the interval, Bao/Zhong added up their speed forcing Chen/Cheng pair to move around to cover the gaps in their court. Bao/Zhong managed to score 5 consecutive points and turned the game around. Starting from here, both pairs tried their best not to be dominated by their opponents. Cat and mouse game begun, and spectators were all amused by the stunning performance showed by both pairs. “Jia You”, means “Do your best” in Chinese, were heard all the time. In the end, Bao/Zhong`s great stamina and solid teamwork won the long second game 25-23.

In the last game, Bao/Zhong continued to lead the first half of the game, left their opponent behind 11-6 before the interval. It seemed that Bao/Zhong pair was trying to lure time by dragging service time, which caused Cheng/Chen pair to lose their concentration. By being able to maintain their stamina well, Bao/Zhong dominated the second half of the game, and kept pushing Chinese Taipei pair, forcing them to struggle covering every corners of their court. By Bao/Zhong pair helped them gain consecutive points again and again, gradually faded the momentum and tension of the game. Against all odd, Bao/Zhong won the match with 13-21, 25-23, 21-12, marking their first champion after they teamed up.

“Although we did a good team work, we used a lot of energy on the 2nd game, therefore we could not keep up with their stamina on the 3rd game”, admitted Chen/Cheng pair after the match.
China’s duo who just started their debut 6 months ago, i.e. Asia Badminton Championship, China Maters, and now Yonex Open Japan said that they are very happy with their achievement this time in Tokyo.

“We always lost the first game during this tournament but we were able to turn the table. There was no special strategy, but we usually prepare the next match by studying their opponent’s style. This time we could manage to take point by point carefully and to cope with our nervousness as we realized that all of our seniors could not go through well in this tournament”.

Upon the question on their next target, they replied that it is not 2012 London Olympic Games, but 2016 Brazil Olympic Games.


CHEN Hung Ling & CHENG Wen Hsing(TPE, BWF world ranking 7) VS Joachim FISCHER NIELSEN & Christinna PEDERSEN(DEN, BWF world ranking 4)

Head to Head
2 - 1

Chen Hung Ling and Cheng Wen Hsing of Chinese Taipei defeated world number four Joachim Fischer and Christinna Pedersen of Denmark at 21-19, 16-21, and 21-15 to win the Yonex Open Japan 2011.
The Danish pair started the game very well as they led the score by 11-8 before the interval. However, the world number seven pair played very well after the interval to finish the first game 21-19.
In the second game, the Danish pair was doing very well prior to the interval but they made several unforced errors that gave five consecutive points for their opponents until the score of 12-15. However, Fischer/Pedersen recovered very well after that and closed the second game with 21-16.
In the final game, the Chinese Taipei pair was defending very well. Even Fischer deadly smashes were not enough to beat them. This lead to several unforced errors made by the Danish pair that gave five consecutive points twice and finally closed the game 21-15 in 64 minutes.

At the after match press conference, the Chinese Taipei duo, Hung Ling Chen and Wen Hsing Cheng, expressed their extreme happiness to have won the match today. This win is the first victory for Chinese Taipei, country itself and also for this pair in the worldwide championship including BWF super series. This was the 3rd encounter with Danish pair, Joachim Fisher Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen. “The first encounter was a miserable one, however the 2nd encounter gave us some hints about possibility of wining against the Danish duo,” the Chinese Taipei pair said. “And this time was 3rd challenge and we won the match eventually”.


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