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September 22, 2nd round

Yonex Open Japan 2011, the 30th anniversary tournament entered into the second day of the main draw and all the five categories have gone through the second round.
The most of matches attracted spectators with breathtaking rallies and a seesaw situation under rally points scoring system. This was evidenced by a big handclap, a stir and a sigh all over the gymnasium. I am sure that spectators are enjoyed watching the matches beautifully performed by world- top class players for their country flag and points for the next Olympic Games in London next year.
Yonex Open Japan 11 will enter into 4th day of the tournament and entertain quater-finals for all 5 categories, Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles from 1200 Noon tomorrow, September 23, 2011 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Sendagaya, Tokyo.

Please see “Draw” on the http://yonexopenjp/2011/ for more details.
Please also see the list of “Match of the day” hereunder for your enjoyment.


Chou Tien Chen(TPE, BWF world ranking 59) VS Kenichi Tago(JPN, BWF world ranking 20)

Head to Head
0 - 0

Tago won against Chou Tien Chen, this morning the first match on the TV court. He has started the first game very firmly by scoring 5 consecutive points and then another 4 points to reach 9-2 lead, however Chen caught up with him by scoring 8 consecutive points to 10-10, then reversed to 10-13 and 13-17 lead before Tago again scored 8 consecutive points to close the first game at 21-17.
In the second game, Tago scored steadily and did not give Chen more than 2 consecutive points and won the game at 21-11.
After the match Tago revealed that he could win the game because he won the difficult first game. He also mentioned that he needs to improve his play style so that he does not give a consecutive points to his opponent in the future from tomorrow.


Tine Baun(DEN, BWF world ranking 6) VS Maria Febe Kusumastuti(INA, BWF world ranking 40)

Head to Head
1 - 0

Maria ran and covered all the court with a strong smash to break Tine’s long reach.
Tine, however caught easily Maria’s all the shots including net shots and cross court driven clear with a combination with high and long clear to escape from Tine’s strong smash & steep cut shots. In the final game, Tine did not give any consecutive points to Maria.


Ko Sung Hyun & Lee Yong Dae(KOR, BWF world ranking 84) VS Naoki Kawamae & Shoji Sato(JPN, BWF world ranking 12)

As a result, it looks as though, the Korean duos won the game very easily, however in fact, Sato & Kawamae struck all the lobbing by fierce smashes and made points several times.
Meantime, Korean duo is superior in receiving and returning the smashes better than Japanese duo, which resulted in giving more chances to Korean duo to win the match.


Jung Kyung Eun & Kim Ha Na(KOR, BWF world ranking 15) VS Shizuka Matsuo & Mami Naito(JPN, BWF world ranking 7)

Both pairs did not rely upon smashes too much from any of their beginning of rally, rather trying to reduce their unforced errors by exchanging slow high clears to the back court and drops in front of the court. Matsuo & Naito smashed at sudden when they saw a good chance to win the rally.
Eventually, Japanese pair did make the good chance to attack more often than Korean pair.
In the second game, however Korean pair did display their capability and they have succeeded to reach to 18-17. Those Korean efforts were smashed away by Naito’s strong kill shot finally.


Zhang Nan & Zhao Yunlei(CHN, BWF world ranking 1) VS Lee Yong Dae & Ha Jung Eun(KOR, BWF world ranking 28)

As Zhao Yunlei lost her Women’s doubles game to Danish duo, she is very decisive to put her all energy to this Mixed doubles this time.
Consequently Chinese pair won the first game very easily at 21-11.
However, 2nd game has a different story. Korean pair came back and resisted hard and went to 6-5 lead at the beginning, then went 19-20 to bbefore Chinese pair closed the match at 21-19

*Today's match is not included in the "Head to Head"
*BWF world ranking is current information at SEP.22 2011


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