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June 13th, Kenichi Tago Controls Fierce Rallies, Gains Chance to Compete With Lee Chong Wei

Match report for Men's Singles

Jan O Jorgensen (DEN) 21-19 / 13-21 / 21-16 Lin Dan (CHN)

The first game was very exciting from the very beginning, with Lin Dan getting 6 consecutive points. At this stage it seemed to turn into a one-sided game by Lin. However, Jan O Jorgensen also stayed focused on the game, earning consecutive points from time to time and chasing Lin till the end. Both players displayed steep smashes which were difficult to return to the opponent's court. Jan barely succeeded in winning the first game at 21-19.

Lin kept returning Jan O's shots to every corner, but Jan O surpassed Lin in the persistence of attacking. Jan O's smashes were truly brilliant today, very steep and fast. Although Lin was playing mediocre, through the interval he managed to earn 8 consecutive points from 7-9 to 15-9 by making smashes from his fore side to the straight corner and cross side of his opponent. With Lin's favorite net shots, he won the second game at 21-13.

Lin was able to catch up with Jan O several times, but Jan O always kept leads and tried not to let Lin to earn consecutive points. As many spectators cheered up Jan O, at 16-11 by Jan O's lead, they seemed to have expectations for Jan O to win this quarterfinal. Coming up to the expectations, Jan O finally won against Lin at 21-16.

Lin mentioned at the mixed zone "Jan O was stronger than me. I lost this tournament, but I will participate following competitions." Jan O commented "I'm so happy to win against Lin. However, tomorrow will also be hard for me. I will keep winning each game."

Hu Yun (HKG) 18-21 / 21-19 / 21-15 Chen Long (CHN)

By displaying his consistent and accurate shots, Chen Long looked fairly promising to win the match right after the second game was started. Chen Long scored 4 consecutive points from 15-16 to 18-16 and then again 3 consecutive points to close the first game from 19-18 to 21-18.

Chen Long led the second game all the way to 16-14. At this point the faith of the game started to shift. Hu Yun patiently concentrating on the game caught up and over took Chen Long after 16-16 tie score to 17-16 before going into 18-18 tie. Spectators had a chance to enjoy the truly fierce battle that followed after, as the winner for the rest of 3 points from 18-18 would have been considered to be the winner of this match. Hu Yun managed to earn 3 points and closed the 2nd game. He tied the match 1-1.

In the final game, Hu Yun led the game with relatively safe margin and has never been overtaken by Chen Long. Hu Yun however had to work very hard to earn each point from the very beginning of the final game and he also spent all his energy and stamina when he closed the match.

It was his desire to win this match that helped him to control his mental status and stay calm throughout the game. However, assumingly, he did not even try to think of it at all, knowing that if he is once caught by this idea in his mind, his physical ability to respond to the unexpected shots from opponent will be somewhat disturbed.

He expressed that he could win the match thanks to his own continuous efforts on the court.

Kenichi Tago(JPN) 21-16 / 16-21 / 21-13 Hans-Kristian Vittinghus(DEN)

Tago outclassed Vittinghus 2-1(21-16,16-21,21-13) and won the game.

For the top Japanese player (World Rank No.4) quarterfinal match was against World Rank No.15 Danish player. The battle was featured as soft and technical defense against fierce attacking play style.

From the beginning of first game, Danish player started the game with sharp attacking shots. Leaping smashes of his opponent, which helped Vittinghus to earn handsome lead to 2-6, blocked Tago's lobbing shots. He kept leading until 10-10. Tago, on the contrary, focused on conducting a slow rally, using many technical net shots and high clears to rear court, forcing this way Vittinghus to commit a slew of errors. After catching up to 11-11, Tago controlled the rest of the rally and closed the game at 21-16. Due to the unpredictable wind in the gymnastics, Tago seemed to have difficulties in keeping the shuttle within the lines from the very beginning of the second game. Japanese player also made number of failures in his judgment. He lost the second game at 16-20. However World Rank No.4 showed his true skills from that moment. As final game started, he obviously accelerated his pace and expressed aggressiveness instead of usual calm play. That created the openings and with his skillful court craft and aggressive attacking shots, Tago overcome Vittinghus 21-13.

After the match, Vittinghus said "Both of us played so well today. However Tago is one of the top players in the world and he is so talented at making game plans. Although we have played four times before, his play was unpredictable to me. I will brush up myself to win next time."

Tago expressed his will in the press interview, "Following the victory in Thomas Cup, I know that we are widely expected to win in this tournament and I feel a bit pressurized. But I think its admirable and I believe I can work well."

Lee Chong Wei (MAS) 21-15 / 12-21 / 21-17 Tommy Sugiarto (INA)

Top player from Indonesia, Tommy Sugiarto was fighting bravely against BWF ranked number 1 player Lee Chong Wei.

From the beginning of the first game Lee kept attacking aggressively with his steep and fast smashes, resulting in earning 5 consecutive points. Although Lee seemed to keep going in this pace, Sugiarto persistently returned Lee's controlled shots and created a lot of opportunities to deliver sharp counterattacks. Sugiarto succeeded in catching up at 13-13, but Lee speeded up to the end of this game to close it at 21-15.

The second game was contrastive to the first one. Sugiarto became more consistent and exhibited his aggressive playing style. Lee could not return his attacks, and was forced to commit uncontrolled shots. In addition to earning 5 consecutive points twice Sugiarto closed the second game at 21-11.

In the deciding game, Sugiarto was competing with Lee in exciting offensive and defensive battle all the way through the middle of the game at 12-13. At this point of the game Sugiarto started to look exhausted and his movements slowed down. Lee on the contrary accelerated to his footwork and made decisive shots at the best time for attacking. Lee had a very hard fight but put a period on this game at 21-17.

Lee mentioned in the interview "Sugiatro was wonderful today. I lost my concentration in the second game, but I pull myself back and focused on the final game to win it."

Match report for Womeen's Singles

Tai Tzu Ying (Chinese Taipei rank no.7) won the match.

During the second game Sayaka Takahashi (Japan rank no.12) walked out of court due to her injury at 11-6 in favor to Tai Tzu Ying. For your information, Tai Tzu Ying won first game at 21-19. Duration of the match was 32 minutes.

Li Xuerui (CHN) 21-14 / 21-12 Carolina Marin (ESP)

Li Xuerui, BWF ranked number 1 in women singles, won an overwhelming victory over Carolina Marin from Spain (BWF rank No.11).

Both players displayed steep cross smashes from the fore sides to the rear sides. Marin was very passionate with her highly motivated expressions. Both opponents were fighting each other equally until 13-11 by Li's lead. One after another, Li put the smashes at the very near of the sideline, resulting in closing first game at 21-14.

Second game was totally controlled by Li with her precise returns to the fore and rear back corners, forcing Marin to move around the court. Thanks to Li's over-sideline smashes Marin caught up with Li at 8-8 even, nevertheless, Li accelerated her movement in the court and earned 8 consecutive points from 10-9 to 18-9. Still keeping this pace, Li closed this match at 21-12.

Li mentioned in the interview "My condition was good and each shot was more precise and strong. That is why I won this game against Marin." Marin commented "I was very tired because Li was attacking aggressively. I could do nothing but return."

Match report for Women's Doubles

Maeda/Kakiiwa(JPN) 21-15 / 21-15 Dongni/Mengjing(CHN)

With support and encouragement of spectators in the gymnasium, World Rank No.6 pair Maeda/Kakiiwa broke World Rank No. 69 Chinese pair in straight games.

While quick to recover Chinese pair continued sharp attacking plays, Japanese pair showed astonishing defense skills, never letting Dongni/Mengjing to earn easy points.
During the long tough rallies, Maeda/Kakiiwa never lost concentration, and by focusing on dabbing the shuttle close to the net and patiently changing the defensive play to offensive one, they outclassed the Chinese pair, 21-15, 21-15. Tomorrow they will fight against Korean pair, Jung Kyung Eun/Kim Ha Na.

Matsutomo/Takahashi(JPN) 7-3 Retired Miki/Yonemoto(JPN)

The victory for this match went to Matsutomo/Takahashi pair by retirement of Miki, due to her hand injury. Due to such an unfortunate outcome, the match duration was only ten minutes in the first game 7-3.

Takahashi said after the match, "We know we are merely lucky today. The biggest challenge for us was our first game against HuanXia/ Qianxin Zhong of China and we are grateful for the chance to have another game. We see tomorrow's opponent Ye Na Jang /So Young Kim as very strong and we have lost to them before. Despite the fact that we have higher-ranking points, we will try to stay focused during the game and score as much as we can. We will fight against them as if we are a beginners and challengers. Our victory in the Uber Cup is the biggest source of confidence to us and we are determined to win and proceed further in the tournament."

Match report for Mixed Doubles

Kenichi Hayakawa & Misaki Matsutomo (JPN) 21-16 / 21-14 Junhui Li & Tang Yuanting (CHN)

Japanese team started the first game with lead score up to 11-9. This was due to Matsutomo's skillful net play and her favorite attacking lob from fore court area. They continued earning three and five consecutive points to 20-12 with Matsutomo's net shots and Hayakawa's steep smashes. At this critical moment, Chinese pair attempted to turn the game around and catch up with Japanese team. With effective driven service and repeated smashes, they earned four consecutive points to 16-20. However the next attempt to return service from Japanese side went over back line, and Japanese pair closed the game.

Second game proceeded side by side until 4-4. We could see a new wave of power from Japanese pair. Speeding up their pace, Matsutomo performed excellent techniques around net area as well as beautiful cross net shots, and pushes following Hayakawa's controlled smash. Despite of all attempts of Chinese pair for recovery, they were suppressed by Japan's severe and precise strokes, and Japanese pair closed match 21-14.

Hayakawa quoted, "Today, Matsutomo played very nicely at fore court area, all I should do was to be careful not to make careless mistakes. Tomorrow, I will play so that Matsutomo can play same as today."

We have total 10 semi-final matches tomorrow at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium starting from 12:00 Noon.

Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) VS Kenichi Tago (Japan)
Jan O Jorgensen (Denmark) VS Hu Yun (Hong Kong China)

Li Xuerui (China) VS Ji Hyun Sung (Korea)
Xin Liu (China) VS Tze Ying Tai (Chinese Taipei)

Hirokatsu Hashimoto/Noriyasu Hirata (Japan) VS Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan (Indonesia)
Lee Yong Dae/Yeon Seong Yoo (Korea) VS Angga Pratama/Ryan Agung Saputra (Indonesia)

Misaki Matsutomo/Ayaka Takahashi (Japan) VS Ye Na Jang/So Young Kim (Korea)
Kyung Eun Jung/Ha Na Kim (Korea) VS Reika Kakiiwa/Miyuki Maeda (Japan)

Michael Fuchs/Brigit Michels (Germany) VS Chun Hei Lee/Hoi Wah Chau (Hong Kong China)
Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (China) VS Kenichi Hayakawa/Misaki Matsutomo (Japan)

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