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Great Matches Non-Stop: June 12th, Round 2 Sees Left–Handed Master Lee Chong Wei Aganst Marc Zwiebler. Sparks Will Fly: Japan’s Eriko Hirose and Sayaka Takahashi Against China’s Top Two

Men’s Singles

World No. 1 Lee Chong Wei Against Europe’s Star Shuttler

Lee Chong Wei (MAS)
World No.1/31 Years Old/Win-Loss Record 9 Wins
Marc Zwiebler (GER)
World No.12/30 Years Old

Hu Yun (HKG)
World No. 16/32 Years Old/Win-Loss Record 2 Wins 2 Losses
Takuma Ueda (JPN)
World No. 27/25 Years Old

Kenichi Tago (JPN)
World No.4/24 Years Old/Win-Loss Record 4 Wins
Sourabh Varma (IND)
World No.11/29 Years Old

Looking Forward To Round 2

Looking to get his hands on his fourth title at this year’s Yonex Open Japan, Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei faces Germany’s Marc Zwiebler. The left-handed Marc possesses characteristic European strength mixed with the clever plays of Asian players that he gained from defeating higher level Chinese players in the past. Even the world’s top Lee Chong Wei is bound to have a weak spot, the question is if Marc can find it.

Marc stands in the way of Lee Chong Wei, who is eyeing his fifth championship title at Yonex Open Japan, and a very likely match with Lin Dan (CHN) in the final. Against these odds, Marc keeps the words of his coach dear: “Even if one loses to an opponent 1000 times; one must maintain the desire to win.”

Known as “The Prince of Badminton” after the Thomas Cup, Takuma Ueda (JPN) faces off with Hu Yun of Hong Kong China. Ever since making his triumphant return from India with the Japanese national team on May 26th, his life has been an un-ending series of interviews. “I had planned to properly prepare, but to be honest I was worried I wasn’t 100% ready,” commented Takuma. His performance against India’s R.M.V. Gurusaidutt complements his words perfectly, with the match extending into a frustrating final. “But today I made a breakthrough. I know I can compete to my fullest in round 2,” commented Takuma further. With his specialty super-fast smashes, will he be able to win against an opponent he has two losses against?

Women’s Singles

Sparks Will Fly: Japan’s Eriko Hirose and Sayaka Takahashi Against China’s Top Two

Li Xuerui (CHN)
World No. 1/23 Years Old/Win-Loss Record 4 Wins
Eriko Hirose (JPN)
World No. 17/29 Years Old

Carolina Marin (ESP)
World No. 11/20 Years Old/Win-Loss Record 3 Wins
Busanan Ongbumrungpan (THA)
World No. 16/18 Years Old

Wang Yihan (CHN)
World No. 3/26 Years Old/Win-Loss 1 Wins
Sayaka Takahashi (JPN)
World No. 12/21 Years Old

Looking Towards Round 2

Yonex Open Japan defending champion Akane Yamaguchi (JPN) experienced a devastating loss against Li Xuerui (CHN) in her third game with 18 points. Xuerui faces veteran Eriko Hirose (JPN) in round 2. “I knew Akane was no ordinary player, but I played confident in that fact I am the better player,” commented Xuerui. Aiming for her first victory against Xuerui, Eriko said, “XXXX.” With a strong desire for victory, Eriko will definitely play the way she does best; bolting around the court briskly.

In a new match-up, 20-year-old Carolina Marin (ESP) will face off against 18-year-old Busanan Ongbumrungpan (THA). Hailing from Spain—a country not especially famous for badminton—Carolina’s future in the game is looking bright. Entering the national team at 14 years old, she’s trains seven hours a day. On the other hand, Busanan is proving herself as a talented player. She grabbed the title at the Yonex Dutch Open, and is gradually catching up to world champion Ratchanok Intanon. Close in age, both of them would absolutely hate to lose. Fans are eagerly anticipating what will without a doubt be a harsh battle of the wills.

Other shuttlers include Sayaka Takahashi (JPN). Representing Japan in the Uber Cup’s second singles, she will boast strong plays that are not to be missed. She faces Wang Yihan, who has her eyes fixed on capturing her first title at this year’s Yonex Open Japan.”It’s not about winning against my opponent—winning against myself will get results,” commented Sayaka looking forward. Filled with feelings of regret over losing in the quarterfinal of November’s Hong Kong Open, she hopes to make a comeback.

Men’s Doubles

Japan’s New Aces: Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda Face The World’s Top Pair

Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan (INA)
World No.1/26 Years Old/29 Years Old
Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda (JPN)
World No.12/24 Years Old
Win-Loss Record: First Matchup

Looking Towards Round 2

The world’s top pair faces off against Japan. Beijing Olympic champion Setiawan is a master in the face of the net. Only pairing up with Ahsan two years ago, they’ve already taken titles at the BWF World Championships and the Yonex All England Open. Japanese Thomas Cup second doubles pair Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda will have a chance to go up against these titans of badminton.

Takeshi /Keigo advance through their matches with great speed, and with regards to shrewdness they come up on top over the Indonesian pair. Conversely, the Indonesian pair seamlessly switches between defense and offence, and they are experts at setting the match’s rhythm. Will speed win over idiosyncratic plays? Regardless of the outcome, it will be worth seeing.

Women’s Doubles

Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl (DEN)
World No. 2/28 Years Old/30 Years Old
Ma Jin/Tang Yuanting (CHN)
World No. 67/26 Years Old/19 Years Old
Win-Loss Record: 1 Win 1 Loss

Bao Yixin/Tang Jinhua (CHN)
World No. 1/22 Years Old/21 Years Old
Win-Loss Record: First Matchup
Shizuka Matsuo/Mami Naito (JPN)
World No. 67/23 Years Old/22 Years Old

Looking Towards Round 2

The second round sees several close matches, but the most exciting matchup puts world No.2 Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl (DEN) against Ma Jin/Tang Yuanting (CHN). The high level Ma Jin/Tang Yuanting will prove to be tough opponents for the Danes. Both Jin and Kamilla are accomplished shuttlers in mixed doubles, and their match will most likely be a competition of who can out-bluff the other in front of the net.

The re-united pair of Shizuka Matsuo/Mami Naito will face first-seeded Bao Yixin/Tang Jinhua (CHN). Given the high level of these players, a match like this is more suitable for a later round, but that just means fans can see an exciting match sooner rather than later. Despite being ranked at 67 globally now, Shizuka/Mami were once No.3. “We can play more assertively than before,” they commented, showing that their game has evolved. Against the world’s No.1 pair, these two have a good chance. “We were shocked when we entered the Uber Cup and only got to appear in one match. This time, we plan to give it our all,” commented Mami.

Mixed Doubles

Chris Adcock/Gabrielle Adcock (ENG)
World No. 5/25 Years Old/23 Years Old
Mads Pieler Kolding & Kamilla Rytter Juhl (DEN)
World No. 25/26 Years Old/30 Years Old
Win-Loss Record: First Matchup

Demonstrating considerable strength in mixed doubles at the junior levels, European players find that pairing male and female players together on the court is the best way to ascend to the world stage. The secret to success lies in the male and female players knowing exactly what to do, and exactly what the other is going to do.

Amongst those European shuttlers stand the globally fifth ranked Adcock couple (ENG). The two paired up in May of last year, and since the creation of the Superseries, they became the first ever married couple to be champions, grabbing titles in November’s YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open. Facing these hot names in mixed doubles in the second round are the accomplished Mads Pieler Kolding/Kamilla Rytter Juhl. Kamilla has won world championships with Thomas Laybourn, and has an especially strong serve that is essential in doubles. If she can lead the inexperienced Mads, they have a shot at victory. This matchup will certainly result in an intense match.

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