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Yonex Open Japan 2015 MetLife BWF Superseries Day 6, took place here for all Finals, Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Thanks to the Japanese shuttlers are marching in and advancing to the next round of matches against the world top level of players, many spectators rushed in to the Gymnasium from early in the morning and formed a long queue in front of the Gymnasium.

Nozomi Okuhara and Akane Yamaguchi also attracted fans here to come and watch firsthand the world top level of performances displayed by both ladies before Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado today.

Yesterday, 12th September, We had 6,350 spectators and we expect to exceed the number today for the final matches.

We would like to specially mention that Nozomi Okuhara at last became champion of the Yonex Open Japan 2015!!

Result of Finals are as follows:
Mixed Doubles
Joachim Fischer Nielsen & Christinna Pedersen (Denmark) won 2-1 (21-17, 18-21, 23-21) against Zhang Nan & Zhao Yunlei (China)

Women's Singles
Nozomi Okuhara (Japan) won 2-0 (21-18, 21-12) against Akane Yamaguchi (Japan)

Men's Singles
Lin Dan (China) won 2-1 (21-19, 16-21, 21-19) against Viktor Axelsen (Denmark)

Women's Doubles
Zhao Yunlei & Zong Qianxin (China) won 2-0 (21-12, 21-16) against Christinna Pedersen & Kamilla Rytter Juhl (Denmark)

Men's Doubles
Lee Yong Dae & Yoo Yeon Seong (Korea) won 2-0 (21-19, 29-27) against Fu Hai Feng & Zhang Nan (China)

Men's Singles

Lin Dan (CHN) 2 (21-19, 16-21, 21-19) 1 Viktor Axelsen (DEN)

Olympic champion 2 times Lin Dan (BWF world ranking No. 5) from China and Viktor Axelsen, the champion of Swiss Open 2014 (BWF world ranking No. 7) from Denmark met face to face in a thrilling match which attracted a lot of audience's attention at Tokyo Gymnasium today. Head to head was 1-1.

In the first game, at the start Lin made 2 points, but Viktor made a significance progress including 5 consecutive points and was leading with 10-11 at the interval. The 21 years old Viktor with his effective net skill and cross smashes once made Lin in trouble and left behind with 11-14 before he caught up the score and levelled at tied 15-15. Two consecutive points were made by Viktor, and both of the players then alternately led the game. The last point of the first game was earned by Lin with a great effort as the tenacious Viktor showed an amazing defense before Lin finished it with 21-19.

In the second game, Viktor was also leading its first half and made Lin left behind with 3-11 after earned 6 and 4 consecutive points. Lin tried to catch up, but when it was 10-13, dissatisfied by serve judge's decision, Lin made a joke by tumbling down to the floor. This made him received a yellow card, as the umpire accused him with misconduct that delayed the game. But Lin kept struggling to reverse the situation and he made 13-13, 15-15, and then his patience and persistence paid off, as he finished the second game with 21-19.

Regarding his defeat, Viktor explained that he has done his best, but his opponent played in a very clever way with only few unforced errors.

During interview at press conference Lin said that at the second game, from score 15-15 up to the end was his best play in this tournament today. Lin also expressed his joy to be here at press conference after 9 years without any significant result at Yonex Open Japan, and believes that his achievement today can make Yonex happy since he made a contract with this company, besides he will be able to get the qualification point needed to represent China for Olympic 2016. Olympic is not his last goal, as he will come to join Yonex Open Japan next year.

Women's Singles

Nozomi Okuhara 2 (21-18, 21-12) 0 Akane Yamaguchi

For Yamaguchi, this is the same situation when she became the champion of Yonex Open Japan 2013. Tokyo Gymnasium filled with thousands of spectators and the hope for the fierce battle between two young Japanese ace players.

Two player's skill, footwork and guts were almost close in the first game. Yamaguchi placed the shuttle on the opponent's rear back court. On the other hand, Okuhara constantly returned and controlled the shuttle to the corners. They earned point one after another. Okuhara's patience and move exceeded the Yamaguchi's, and then Okuhara closed the game scored 21-18.

Second game was much easier than first game for Okuahara. Okuhara continued to lead the rally with her pace. Contrariwise, Yamaguchi had a difficult time. She couldn't rip out the pace from the opponent, so she needed to bear in bad situation. Unfortunately for Yamaguchi, the situation didn't change till the end. Okuhara earned maximum 6 consecutive point from 5-6 to 11-6. Finally, Okuhara who concentrate on every rally through the match closed and won the match scored at 21-12. This is the first time to win the Super Series tournament for Okuhara.

Okuhara said at Interview "I was very pleased to win the tournament. Recently, I couldn't win the match in SS, so I felt anxious to fight in Yonex Open Japan 2015."
Yamaguchi said at Interview "I couldn't play with my pace. Okuhara's strategy was better than mine, but I didn't feel fatigue about semi-final and quarter-final. I need to practice more and prepare for the next tournament. "

Men's Doubles

Lee Yong Dae & Yoo Yeon Seong (KOR) 2 (21-19, 29-27) 0 Fu Hai Feng & Zhang Nan (CHN)

Lee / Yoo pair and Fu / Zhang pair`s game was held as the last game of Yonex Open Japan 2015 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. All of the spectators have expected their great perfomance before start the game, and both country player's play didn`t betray spectators` expectation.

In the first game, Lee / Yoo pair showed their great team work skill and earned 4 consecutive points many times from 2-2 to 5-2, 6-3 to 8-3 and 9-6 to 12-6 respectably . They often used low – drive shots and several shots near the net. Chinese pair seemed not to shoot their powerful smash skill against Korean pair. It seemed that Korean pair`s strategy they prepared to face the Chinese pair worked well. The first game was closed and won by Lee / Yoo pair at 21-19.

In the second game, Lee / Yoo pair and Fu / Zhang pair showed great smash skills like a lighting and they earned points one after another until 7-7. Many spectators shut their mouth for surprising because of their great smashes while they were playing. Lee / Yoo pair and Fu / Zhang pair seemed to have a hard time to earn each point, and both of them couldn`t make a lead until 19-19. At the point of time the venue was surrounded by tense atmosphere. When the match point came, both of plyer`s held each other`s ground and they never gave up to earn points. They earned points literally one after another and this long and exciting game closed by Lee / Yoo pair at 29-27 finally.

After the game, Lee / Yoo pair said "We are very happy to get this prize, but we need to get ready for next big competition in Korea so we need to concentrate from tomorrow."

Women's Doubles

Zhao Yunlei & Zhong Qianxin(CHN) 2 (21-17, 21-16) 0 Christinna Pedersen & Kamilla Rytter Juhl(DEN)

Yunlei and Pedersen fought against at the Mixed doubles Final in this tournament earlier this afternoon. At mixed doubles, Danish pair defeat Chinese pair scored 2-1. For Danish pair, it is chance to win in two categories. In the opposite, it is chance for Chinese pair to revenge for mixed doubles.

Chinese pair led the first game. Their strategy work effective for by keeping opponents from getting chance to attack. Danish pair played well with accurate shots, but they couldn't get a chance. Finally, Chinese pair closed the game easily scored 21-12.

In the second game, Danish pair grabbed back their pace and was leading by 16-12 with their powerful smashes. The situation suddenly changed at 12-16, Danish pair was in lead. Their good combination and fast shots led opponents make a mistake, and Chinese pair earned 9 consecutive points from 12-16 to the end 21-16.

Yunlei said at Interview, "The match was easier than I expected." She also commented when she was asked about future "I'm going to teach skill and mind for young generation. And also, I wish to play at the next Olympic at Rio de Janeiro." At the mixed zone, Danish player, Pedersen said "I could prepare mentally and physically good enough in this match even though after I had fought against Chinese pair at mix doubles. However at women doubles, Chinese pair prepared well and played better than us. That's why we were defeated by Chinese pair."

Mixed Doubles

Joachim Fischer Nielsen & Christinna Pedersen (DEN) 2 (21-17, 18-21, 23-21) 1 Zhang Nan & Zhao Yunlei (CHN)

World champion Zhang Nan & Zhao Yunlei from China were in an exciting battle against their Denmark's world ranked 5, Joachim Fischer Nielsen & Christinna Pedersen that lasted in 78 minutes. Head to head was 8-9.

First half of the first game progressed with tight scores. At the interval Chinese pair was leading with 11-9, and kept leading the whole first game before ended it up with 21-17.

In the second game, the Danes was leading, and the score at the interval was 7-11. Chinese pair then tried to catch up, and they made 4 consecutive points twice, resulting 16-18. Meanwhile, the Danes kept leading throughout the second game and finished it with 18-21.

In the final game the scores were also tight. At the interval, the Danes was leading with 7-11. When the Chinese pair was left behind by their opponent with 14-19, they tried to catch up. They were able to get 5 consecutive points and reverse the condition to 20-19. However, failed serve made by Zhao led to deuce and finally brought the victory for the Danes. Overall result was 21-17, 18-21, and 23-21.

During interview, Zhang explained that insufficient preparation such as did not review opponent's strong and weakness was the main cause of their defeat.

Closing Remarks

We hope you have enjoyed reading our articles about the matches and first hand players comments for last 5 days and today.

We would like to thank you for your continued supports and encouragement on behalf of all players and staff of Nippon Badminton Association.

Good Bye and Sayonara!!
See you at YOJ 2016 in Tokyo from 20 to 25th September, 2016

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